Smart clothes, latte in hand, email check-in…for much of my life I was firmly camped out in the organised left brain world of business, right brain activity relegated to consumption in order to keep it at bay.  Keep it at bay?  As if!  As Jung recognised only too well, if we don’t attend to our inner world, it happens to us from outside.

And so, after an abrupt re-awakening of my right brain, I find myself some years on firmly committed to fiction writing – a logical response, perhaps, to my continued attempts to balance the creative, intuitional, influence of the right hemisphere of the brain with the logical, structured approach of the left.

I currently have a number of novels at various stages of development, and am actively seeking representation by an experienced agent who resonates with my work.



Previous blogs, articles and other writing have been featured in a number of places including Elephant Journal, Raw Attraction, Journey of the Heart and the Good Men Project and the  Magic Diary project.  Earlier self-published books are available on Amazon.



6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Though we may never meet, we are very much sharing a similar path as we journey through a most beautiful life that you have helped us to discover, acknowledge and affirm.

  2. I very much enjoyed your story on polygamous monogomy (poly monogamy?). Do you ever entertain guest writers, if they write a story you find compelling? If so, please let me know.

    1. Hi Butch,

      Thanks for the comment. At the moment I’m not hosting guest writers as I’m finding it difficult to focus on one subject (or even one family of subjects!) but that may change in the future. I’ll be in touch if it does.

      With love,


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