A Peculiar Kind of Courage

Popular history has tended to honour those who were outwardly courageous – those who struggled for causes, fought wars, built worlds, persisted against the odds.  Courage always seemed to mean courage in battling some external force.
A few years ago I was having dinner with a business friend, and sharing some of my deep questioning and seeking.  I was passing through a phase of my life that had prompted some inner soul searching, and he was a willing ear for my thoughts.  I still clearly remember his laughing response to what I was sharing: ‘I wouldn’t be brave enough to ask the questions you’re asking – I’d be afraid of the answers!’  It wasn’t to be the last time I heard that kind of response.
Yet what has struck me recently is the amount of people right around the world who are now deeply questionning, openly sharing, and looking for ways of living differently – looking for ways of living lives that have deeper connections with others, with nature, with the divine and within themselves.  But it takes a peculiar kind of courage to look deep within, to look at those places of ‘rightness’ that we hold on to for defence. How courageous are we when we start to willingly dismantle the walls that separate us from others, and to start to relate to eachother from a place of more openess and vulnerability.  In a world which doesn’t yet commonly value an open heart and an honest expression of individuality, those unguarded hearts may feel particularly vulnerable!
And still, along side that feeling of vulnerability comes a feeling of being fully alive and connected, which vibrates in every cell, and calls us to remember the magnificence we are capable of.

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