Allowing the Uniqueness

(from a conversation with my non-physical friends)

Our dearest friends! We see how much you worry and concern yourselves with situations which, from our perspective, have no substance – tying up your energy and halting its natural flow which would bring you towards the happiness which is at the base of all that you seek.

We understand how you see your world and we understand the deep desire you have to remove that which causes suffering to yourselves and to others. From that place of understanding, we wish to share with you other ways of seeing that may allow you to feel more comfort in your world and that will allow more of what will bring you joy.

There are many ways of seeing any situation you choose to look at. None are more real than any others. They are all ‘real’ – but each as unique as the set of eyes that are looking. Even as you think you are viewing with the same eyes as those around you, you are not. There may appear to be concensus around certain subjects, but truly there is not.

If you would allow your differences more, you would find more of your similiarities – almost in reverse measure to the way in which you continue to find differences as you push for similarity. If you would take as your starting point that you are all unique, and delight in what makes you different one from the other, then that delight would bring you to a common ground of joy.

As you seek to find wonder and magic in the infinite ways through which the All can express, the way in which you see situations, and the situations of those around you, will shift. You will start to see with more understanding. And your understanding and peace with everything that is – as you allow it to be shared openly – will light a path for others.

We understand that you fret and worry about how you and your actions are seen and experienced by others. And we most lovingly say to you that you can never really see through their eyes – it is always your own eyes that you are seeing through in this world. And as you judge others, be aware that you can never truly see them as they see themselves on the level at which you are judging.

We see so much energy flowing to you, yet held back by you in so many ways. It is a natural divine flow that will express through each of you in a unique way. Yet you continually try to direct it to where you think it should go, based on how you think others see you. So much hurt and pain is caused by this frustration of the natural flow, our dearest friends.

With as much love as we can express to you, we pray that you see this. Your differences and your unique expessions of the natural divine flow are truly what will ease the pain around you. In truth we are one – expressed in the infinite.


  1. I find that whenever I use the words, “I would never do that, allow that, be that…” the universe sends me lessons to alter my perceptions. I am very careful to try to “allow” life to happen, but in all honesty, there is lots of circumstances in which I fight it at every turn…sigh…Thank you for your lovely blog.

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