Dinosaurs are very glum

As I was loading the washing machine this morning, after the children had gone to school and before I got down to work, random thoughts were floating through my head. No, not what would we have for dinner or the day ahead. I’m too intense for that (ask Ash, who has to tolerate my pre-breakfast musings about the meaning of life). I was thinking about 2012, the shift in consciousness, the shamanic and vedic perspectives on this time in the history of humanity, etc. At the same time, my youngest daughter’s playschool song was playing through the background of my mind – “dinosaurs are very big…and most are very glum…” I found myself laughing as I caught myself out in one of those moments of altered perspective.

2012 has been a serious business for so many in spiritual circles for years now. There has been much discussion about what it means, how those of us in therapy or healing practices can ‘help’, what happens if we don’t make the shift. It has been a seductive discussion, one that has been difficult to escape even by those of us who have tried to take a more measured approach to it. And I do believe that it is a pivotal period in the development of human spirituality and consciousness.

But what I found myself laughing at this morning was how seriously (and heavily, at times) so many of us have taken the whole subject. My imagination had conjured up an image of the glum dinosaurs wandering around the ancient earth, pondering their imminent extinction, knowing they weren’t going to make the evolutionary shift that might have saved their species.

Really, in the much bigger scheme of things, does it matter if our species doesn’t ‘make it’? Honestly, does it? If we truly believe we are spiritual beings, that we have a soul that continues beyond this birth, why are so many of us taking this all so seriously? We’re either ready to make the changes that this time is asking of us, or we’re not. And is it really such a big deal if we’re not? Don’t we just move on with our spiritual journeys, and perhaps have another go at it in another time, place or dimension?

Am I challenging too much here? Perhaps. I’m certainly not suggesting we just give up on ourselves. Sometimes, though, a fresh perspective can bring us back to basics. And my mulling over the dinosaurs this morning brought me back to realising (again!) that we can get too caught up in our own small view of the universe. It brought me back to seeing that making the most of this life we have is the most important thing we can do at this, or any stage, of evolution.

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