Freya Watson on the richness that words carry in the languages

Much as I hate being on video, I have loved being involved in the cross-cultural Magic Diary – an eclectic mix of stories, all proceeds of which go to the literacy project ‘Room to Read’.

The Magic Diary Project

My background, and therefore my writing, is quite eclectic. Growing up in an Irish-speaking Baha’í family gave me a perspective on life that is sensitive to the minority view and I am fascinated by what creates individuality, both in terms of cultural difference and in terms of personality.

Since graduating with an Arts Degree in languages, I have walked a dual path – working in business while continuing to delve into deeper mysteries.  This has led me into South American Shamanism, Indian Tantra and many more diverse areas. All of these, along with a fascination with the otherworldly, colour my writing and I am a regularly to several online spirituality and self-help journals, including Elephant Journal.

I am currently editing two novels and I live, with my partner and three children, in rural Ireland.

You can read Freyas story The Folklorist’s Daughter in A Pocketful of Dreams vol. II Europe…

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