As a respected author and teacher, much of my work consists of ‘blended perspectives’ – the perspective of my human self as she experiences the day-to-day world, and the perspective of that non-physical part of us that offers itself when I can sit and truly listen.

I write both fiction and non-fiction, all of which draw on the broad variety of traditions and influences that have fascinated me, and continue to do so.  My books, articles and therapy work are my way of introducing readers to another world – a world which integrates non-physical realms of energy and spirit with our material reality.  I see all as spiritual – our physical bodies, our relationships, our sex lives, even the things we don’t like about other people and the world. So how do I live as a woman, mother, shaman, writer, lover and simple human being with that kind of perspective?

I’m intrigued with people – what makes us tick, how we can often struggle against expressing our deepest essence and yet feel compelled to do so.  Finding our individual ‘truth’ is a challenge in itself in a busy world filled with distractions, but giving ourselves permission to express that truth into the world is an even bigger challenge.  And this is what much of my writing is about – finding and expressing our truth.  But I also like to play devil’s advocate at times, challenging pre-conceived ideas of how things must be.

In my writing I get a chance to share with you other perspectives on the world.  It’s not about who’s right or wrong – we all have our unique ways of seeing things.  But perhaps some of my writing will encourage a greater openness and awareness in the world.  And perhaps we can share some smiles along the way.  I’m currently hiding away from writing articles as I finish off some adult fiction.

Looking forward to our journey together,


PS As I’m based in Ireland but frequently writing for a North American audience, my writing is a mixture of British English and American English.  You will have to be patient with the different spellings!


My writing is featured in a number of places including Elephant Journal, Raw Attraction, Journey of the Heart and the Good Men Project and in the  Magic Diary (and the eclectic, colourful, cookbook that accompanies it)




  1. Though we may never meet, we are very much sharing a similar path as we journey through a most beautiful life that you have helped us to discover, acknowledge and affirm.

  2. I very much enjoyed your story on polygamous monogomy (poly monogamy?). Do you ever entertain guest writers, if they write a story you find compelling? If so, please let me know.

    • Hi Butch,

      Thanks for the comment. At the moment I’m not hosting guest writers as I’m finding it difficult to focus on one subject (or even one family of subjects!) but that may change in the future. I’ll be in touch if it does.

      With love,


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