Extracts from Current Manuscripts

Most of my current work is adult fiction that falls into a variety of genres, including historical fiction, upmarket women’s fiction, magical realism and comedy.  Current works in progress include:

The Medici Songbird: A young protegée is growing tired of being no more than the mouthpiece of her father’s musical talent and struggles against the confines of her life in 17th century Italy to forge a future that provides her with more freedom and ownership of her own voice.  This is the fictionalised account of Francesca Caccini, who became the highest paid musician of her time at the Medici Court and the first woman to compose opera. (Adult, historical fiction)

Not on a Sunday: Young Bethan retreats into silence after the sudden death of her childhood friend but the quirky village of Tynwyfel adjusts to the change, unofficially designating her as the wise woman on the hill to whom the villagers go after dark in order to unburden themselves of their secrets.  But an even wiser presence becomes a mentor figure in her life, leading her to inner worlds as she turns her back on the outer one. (Adult, upmarket women’s fiction/magical realism)

The Fifth Dementia:  Simon from PeePee, Ohio, has lost his job and is a failure at the one thing that matters to him:  his psychic readings.  That is before trainee spirit guide, Spartacus, enters his life, resulting in him becoming an unexpected hero and leading him across Trump’s America in pursuit of his lost girlfriend. (Adult, contemporary humour)

Isaac Carter and the Dreamworld: Young Isaac is bored with life but not for long, as The Voice – a non-terrestrial group of beings – make their way into his life with an ulterior motive and consequences both humourous and serious. (Middle grade)