Extracts from Current Manuscripts

Most of my current work adult fiction that falls into a territory crossing between upmarket women’s fiction, magical realism and low fantasy.  Current completed manuscripts include:

Not on a Sunday: Bethan retreats into silence after the sudden death of her childhood friend but the quirky village of Tynwyfel adjusts to the change, unofficially designating her as the wise woman on the hill to whom the villagers go after dark in order to unburden themselves of their secrets.

Isaac Carter and the Dreamworld: Young Isaac is bored but not for long, as The Voice – a non-terrestrial group of beings – make their way into his life with an ulterior motive.


Almost complete is:

The Fifth Dementia:  Simon from PeePee, Ohio, has lost his job, disappointed his girlfriend and is a failure at setting up a tarot reading business.  That was before trainee spirit guide, Spartacus, entered his life, leading him on a romp across America in pursuit of his lost girlfriend and the unexpected hero of a defrauded community.


And in active progress are:

Sound Serpent:  On another Earth, humanity has evolved in a different direction.  It is a world of order and balance, where physical health and strength is valued and the DOMINIE is held in high respect as the descendent of an ancient lineage. He is the bearer of arcane knowledge that maintains harmony in a society once threatened by extinction, supported by the VADRALOCK, an elite whose lineage also stretches back over generations.  Outwardly, the men of the Vadralock serve as governors, managing the various sectors of society and commerce.  But it is the women of the elite who hold most authority, initiated into the mysteries of controlling universal energies, upon which their society is dependent. And it is in this world that a new influence emerges to shift its direction forever.


The Story Collector: Others have their songs – the ones that evoke a particular place and time.  For American anthropology graduate, Osheen, it is her stories, each anchoring her to a place, a mood.  The stories that she collects become the touchstones of her troubled love affair with her adopted homeland of Ireland, from the time of her arrival in the heatwave of 1976 to the Celtic Tiger years of the early 2000s.