Inside a Writer’s Head



Welcome to the inner workings of a writer’s mind…

Anyone who is a writer  – or who lives in close proximity to one – knows how abstractly a writer’s mind functions.






Yes, mulling – that’s a good word.  We writers mull a lot.

Staring off into space is a very active thing to do, if you’re a writer.  And it can be triggered by the smallest thing.  Something we hear in passing sets off a chain of connections in our heads, leading down all kinds of mental passageways that may or may not lead to a conclusion worth sharing.

An image, a single word, even a sound, can trigger a response which might be worthy of a written paragraph or two, setting us off like bloodhounds on a trail we won’t relinquish until it has reached an end.

We don’t see the world as others do.

Instead of a world of facts, we see a world of possibilities.

Possibilities which can unfold and develop in countless different ways.

It’s a much more interesting world to inhabit that one which takes everything at face value.

But it also means that we can appear quite self-obsessed – constantly being drawn into our vivid inner landscape where there is never any shortage of entertainment.

Whenever the mood hits me, I’ll be sharing some scribbles…

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