Can You Feel Me?

With the widespread availability of various forms of bodywork and psychotherapy, along with countless published volumes by the likes of Reich, Lowen and others intrigued by how the body reflects the mind and the emotions, it’s perhaps a little strange that there isn’t more mainstream awareness of body armoring—with the fact that the body can, and does, hold memory and trauma in a very physical way.

Week 4 ~ Letters to a Lost Lover ~ Psychic Voice Mail

On the basis that all information is out there, somewhere, in some shape or form – part of the super-conscious as Jung would have it – I’m assuming that everything I want to know about you must be out there somewhere too. And if it’s out there then maybe, if I listen carefully enough, I can pick it up. So I kind of listen, as if I’m trying to pick up some kind of psychic voice mail from you…