Private Sessions – Astrology & Shamanic Practice

~ Now taking new clients, Monday-Friday 10.00am-12.30, by appointment ~

~ Next Sweatlodge:  February ~

Through my fascination with what can create permanent change in a person, I have explored a wide variety of paths over the years.  Yoga, Acupuncture, Homoeopathy and Naturopathy were my first passions and still remain a core part of my own journey.

But Astrology and Shamanic practices have become my passion as they provide a deep insight into who we are as individuals as well as tools to put that insight into practice.

Astrology:  The astrology I practice weaves together a number of different approaches, including western transpersonal astrology and Sabian Symbols.  I use astrology to help create deeper awareness and understanding, and not as a tool for ‘fortune telling’.  Astrology can help us:

  • understand the various aspects of our psyche;
  • understand areas of tension and flow in our personalities and lives;
  • give us a sense of what’s going on for us at a particular time in our lives;
  • provide insight into specific areas, such as relationships, career, soul growth.

I offer 60min and 90min sessions.  Sessions can be done in person (in Kildare), by Skype or pre-recorded and sent by email.  In order to do a reading, I need an accurate birth time as well as location.

Cost per session:  €100 for 60mins; €120 for 90mins.

Shamanic Practice:  In a search for emotional healing, I stumbled across Alberto Villoldo’s work with South American Q’ero Shaman.  And finding deep transformation through the connection and the practices, I continued the journey, training with the Four Winds Society and travelling to the mountains and jungles of Peru.  It is a path that can be challenging but can ultimately bring great self-awareness and resilience.

I offer both one-to-one shamanic counselling and healing sessions, as well as longer term mentoring in shamanic practice.

One-to-One Shamanic Sessions are 90 minutes long and focus on whatever a client wishes to address.  Common issues are emotional ‘stuckness’, depression, relationship difficulties and search for direction.

Shamanic Mentoring is for those who are already involved in a healing practice of some kind or have training in a particular field of alternative practice or medicine.  Programmes are structure to suit the individual or a small group, with times and prices worked out following an in-depth discussion. I only offer a very small number of mentoring/apprenticeship places every year but they provide a ‘deep dive’ into the soul, transforming those who take the journey.

For enquiries/reservations, please email: